15 November 2017

Director: Angela Robinson

Starring: Luke Evan, Rebecca Hall, Bella Heathcote

Release date: 16 November

In a cinematic landscape dominated by blockbuster superhero movies it is refreshing to take a step back from the green screens and one liners, to explore the complex personalities it takes to develop a pop culture hit.

Professor Marston and the Wonder Woman uses beautiful cinematography and in depth character development to tell the story behind the creation of the iconic superhero. Inspired by a true story this film examines the relationship of a man and the two women that inspired him to create a strong feminine hero in a marketplace dominated by men.


This movie takes a raw approach to exploring the intricate world of human desires, drawing strong contrasts between personal discovery and societal expectations.


The three leads all give great depth to their characters but it is Rebecca Hall, as Marston’s wife, that shows an outstanding performance, displaying a complicated matriarch coming to terms with her husband’s desires, while only beginning to understand her own.


An interesting element is the creation of the lie detector, a historically accurate portrayal of Marston’s 1920s development. The lie detector serves as powerful motif and a strong storytelling tool, allowing the main characters to divulge their hearts desires at a crucial time.


This is not a film for comic book junkies, but more for someone looking for an exploration inwards, as it takes you on intricate journey of true love persisting, no matter how strange the circumstance.


With a lasso of truth and the confidence of an amazon, this movie holds you emotionally invested from start to finish. The strong performances and high production value only add weight to an already heavy true story.