At Centre Place, we want to enable greater accessibility for all.

By making our places open to all, we create a more welcoming, inclusive atmosphere for visitors and ensure those working in our buildings are well supported to be independent. As far as possible, we aim to remove barriers that make access difficult, ensuring our shopping centres and offices (where applicable) can be enjoyed by everyone.

To ensure all customers can navigate around the single retail level centre with ease, the main entrances are controlled by automatic doors, aisles are wide with good LED lighting and escalators, travelators and lifts provide good access to the centre from the multi-level carparking that make accessibility to shops and facilities easy.


Getting Here

Hamilton Transport centre is nearby with easy access to the centre via Bryce Street.

On-street accessible car parks are available nearby on the corner of Ward Street and Worley Place, outside Starbucks.

Accessible and pram car parks are available in our multi-level parking building.

Car Parking

Dedicated accessible and pram car parks are available in our multi-level car park building, entry on Bryce Street.

There is a large, lighted sign on level 1a, just past the first Up ramp, to guide you to which levels have accessible and/or pram car parks.

To find accessible car parks easily the walls of the car park are painted bright blue.

To find pram car parks easily the walls of the car park are painted bright green.

Our accessible and pram parks are available on the following levels:

# Available
Best for cinemas & entertainment
Best for workers

Please contact our Customer Service team on 07 839 8563 to discuss which car park would best suit your needs on your next visit.

NB: Ground floor and all carpark levels designated B have no pedestrian access to lifts without using stairs.

Getting Around

All exterior doors are automatic opening and are level with the footpath or have minimal ramping.

Yellow tactile plates are at points of floor level change or changes are heavily marked with black contrast striping.

Yellow tactile plates indicate steps in both the car park stairwells and the internal stairs located outside Lido (upper level) and near Victoria Street entry.

Lifts are located near the foodcourt to provide access to upper level retailers, cinemas and car park building.

Escalators are available near Mister Minit (up) and Lilliputt Funzone (down).

Escalators are available near Famers to access Garden Place car park.

Lifts are located outside at Civic Square, next to the centre, for Garden Place car park.

Lido has a lift accessible from their outside doors on Bryce Street.

Metro by Hoyts has an accessible lift at their external doors on Ward Street and an internal lift to access cinemas 6 and 7.

Farmers has an internal lift and escalators.

Customer Services team

Our friendly Customer Services team is located at our Centre Management Office and is open during the following hours:

Monday to Friday: 9.00am-5.30pm
Saturday and Sunday: Closed

Use the entrance off Ward Street between Dotti and Chemist Warehouse.

Our team can provide you with a wide range of helpful information including, the loan of wheelchairs and pushchairs and assist with lost property.

Phone enquiries are welcome on +64 7 839 8563.

Wheelchair and pushchair loan

Wheelchairs and pushchairs are available from the Customer Services team for use while shopping at Centre Place. They must not be removed from the centre and equipment is to be returned 30 minutes prior to centre close.

There is no charge to loan a wheelchair or pushchair, however, identification and contact details are required, as is a bond. Please contact Customer Services 07 839 8563 for details.

You may book one of these items ahead of time by contacting the Customer Service team on 07 839 8563. Please note that if you are not going to be using your reservation or are running late please ring.  Reservations will be held for 15 minutes past your booked time before being released to other customers who may require the equipment. During busy times, e.g. Christmas, loan time is restricted to 2 hours.

Toilets and Caregivers rooms

Accessible toilets and caregivers’ rooms are available in the following locations:

  • Unisex accessible toilet at the restrooms between the food court and the lifts.
  • Accessible single sex toilets are available inside the men and women’s restrooms next to ProfessioNail.
  • A parent and child room is available in each of the single sex restrooms between the food court and the lifts.
  • A Caregivers’ room is available at the restrooms between the food court and the lifts. This room includes an adult and child toilet room.
  • A Caregivers’ room is available by the men and women’s restrooms next to ProfessioNail. This location does not contain a separate adult and child toilet.
  • Both caregivers’ rooms have a microwave, bottle warmer and private feeding area.


Our foodcourt has two accessible tables suitable for wheelchairs and walkers. We have left one chair off the table so you don’t have to move them. The tables have the accessible logo on them for easy identification.

  • One is located opposite Pasta Bella
  • One is located near Nandos

Guide and Assistance Dogs

Guide and assistance dogs are welcome.

To assist our staff please ensure your dog has their accessible dog registration tag and you have your handler’s registration card available, if required.

Accessible dogs are certified by one of the following organisations:

  • Assistance Dogs New Zealand
  • Hearing Dogs for Deaf People New Zealand
  • K9 Medical Detection New Zealand
  • Mobility Assistance Dogs Trust
  • New Zealand Epilepsy Assist Dogs Trust
  • Perfect Partners Assistance Dogs Trust
  • Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind Incorporated (Blind Low Vision NZ)

Please note that under current New Zealand law therapy or emotional support animals do not have access rights to be in the centre (Dog Control Act 1996).