17 July 2018

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson returns to our screens for another epic action-packed adventure, showcasing what can go wrong when a friendly family man who is built like a fridge gets pushed to his limits.


The aptly named Skyscraper follows the story of a mega structure in Hong Kong on the verge of opening. While the complex is mostly empty, there are enough gun-toting baddies and family members inside to keep The Rock very busy as the building descends into fiery chaos.


He must draw on his military background and use all hills skills and massive muscles to keep his family from falling prey to flames, explosions, large drops, gunfire and bad guys with foreign accents.


The top of the building houses a secretive room, billed as a modern wonder of the world, but of course, everything is not as it seems. What is the owner hiding in there, and who can really be trusted?


The young actors playing the family’s children – as they transition from an exciting holiday getaway to many near death experiences – give a great performance.


The special effects department has gone to town on this movie, and while I expect the majority of it was shot on green screens, it provides a visually exciting and dynamic background that will awaken a fear of heights you didn’t you know you had.


Action movie buffs will appreciate this movie for its non-stop carnage, destructible environment and brilliantly cheesy one-liners and Skyscraper provides an easy-to-watch romp through a series of ever-increasing challenges, showing the strength of family bonds, and the strength of The Rock’s forearms.


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