24 June 2024

This is the fourth Despicable Me movie. Gru is the main character and there are also all of his minions – too many to count!

Despicable Me 4 is an amazing movie with very bright colours that fill the screen. There are lots of different characters and minions in the movie.

Gru’s family is really fun to watch. I liked the baby as he is pretty silly and also very sneaky. The mum is great and I loved how when the children have to move schools, they make new friends.

Gru fights with a man who can turn himself into a cockroach. The cockroach man wants revenge because Gru stole his thunder in a competition back when they both went to the same school.

The agency that hides Gru and his family turns five of the minions into strong and powerful superheroes to help to stop the cockroach man.

The movie is about the adventures of Gru, his family and the minions to stop the cockroach man who wants revenge. Overall I really enjoyed the movie (even though my little brother got a bit scared in some bits!).

Review by: Sophia (age 7)

Catch Despicable Me 4 at Lido Cinema and Metro by Hoyts.