05 October 2020

The bell has rung, and the starter gates are open. They’re off. Out of the school gate and home for the school holidays.

Yes, school holidays are upon us. With them comes a change of pace. For some parents it’s a more frenetic time as they try to juggle childcare with their working lives. For some it’s a chance to slow down a little – no school lunches to make and a break from all those extra-curricular activities that involve a lot of chauffeuring. Back in our pre-pandemic world, it was also sometimes a time when families holidayed overseas.

Whatever the case, it’s a child-focused time… a time to perhaps create some memories.



What’s your favourite childhood holiday memory?

Apparently three-quarters of adults say their fondest is of playing outside during summer school holidays.(I know it’s not quite summer holidays but the sun will show its happy face over the next few weeks.)

The statistics got me thinking about my favourite holiday memory from days gone by. I was nine and staying at a friend’s place – a dairy farm where we had a hut made of haybales, we helped feed out, we played hide and seek, we climbed the grain silo, we made bridges over streams… it was all great outdoors fun.

So, maybe, get out (or go buy) the frisbee, balls, fishing rods, pavement chalk, bikes, scooters and the likes and ensure your children get out in the fresh air.

There are also heaps of things in store perfect for entertaining the younger generation during those inside days. These can be as diverse as a karaoke microphone, modelling clay, play station games, books, puzzles, board games, craft kits and art supplies.

Perhaps the holidays are a good time to encourage your children to spend time in the kitchen – a smoothie-making blender may be just the tempter.

It may be that homestyling fits into the holiday equation. Could the holidays mark the time for a wee bedroom makeover? Your teenagers (and younger ones) may relish the idea of shopping for the likes of a new duvet cover, cushions, rug, mirror and/or wall art to zhoosh up their rooms.

Clockwise from left: EB Games PS4 FIFA 21; Whitcoulls Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows; Paper Plus KidzLabs volcano kit; Paper Plus Wasgij Mystery #16 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle Birthday Surprise!; EB Games Crash Bandicoot 4; Paper Plus Crayola Sidewalk Chalk 12 Pack; Whitcoulls The Great Realisation; Rebel Sport Frisbee;  

However the school break pans out at your place, here’s wishing you Happy Holidays – that’s what we all want!

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Happy Shopping!