01 December 2019

Spolier alert – there are some spoilers here so if you haven’t seen it, what are you waiting for?

Because it was an absolute pleasure to see Charlie’s Angels come to life AGAIN. I love everything Charlie’s Angels! Kelly was my ultimate favourite, yet I always played Kris when my friends and I wanted to fight some bad guys…and we did OFTEN!. And this movie did NOT disappoint.

I loved that there are twists from the original story. It made this movie fresh and fantastic! More than one Bosley? I said it! I want to be a Bosley now. And after this movie, and its empowering tone, I believe I can be.

The Angels are called in when some super dangerous technology puts the world at peril. The systems engineer who blows the whistle (Naomi Scott), gets welcomed into the Angels and holds her own with Kristen Stewart and Ella Balinska.


I loved every single costume change – and I especially loved ALL the nostalgic nods to the past movies. I wanted to climb in the screen and live in their dressing room.

Talking about the cast…SUPERB! Elizabeth Banks is always a kick – in front and behind the camera. Is there nothing she can’t do?

I don’t think I’ve enjoyed Kristen Stewart more than in this flick. Patrick Stewart is always smooth and savvy. AND KELLY COMES BACK FOR A CAMEO!

These women are powerful, confident and inspiring. I’ve never felt prouder to be an Angel (in my mind!) and a super fan.

But the real question is…who’s Charlie? I know my theory, what’s yours?

Charlie’s Angels is now playing in theatres. You’ll earn your wings when you fly over to your local and enjoy the action!