11 August 2020

The single thing I get asked for help with most when I’m shopping with my personal styling clients is to add more colour into their wardrobes.

As kiwis, we have a natural affinity to black and grey (must be those All Blacks right?), but there are SO many other gorgeous colours out there that will make us look and feel amazing!


This winter has definitely given us the biggest variety of colour offerings in a long time, so there is now no excuse not to add a little more colour into your wardrobe.

Watch this quick video for a look at some of my favourite winter colour palettes, and then keep reading to see where you can get your hands on these gorgeous colours from the lovely stores at CENTRE PLACE.


Autumnal Colours

These gorgeous, rich, warm colours are certainly dominant this winter. They make such a lovely change from a sea of black and grey, but in a convenient turn of events, also work well together with black and grey.

Tones of burgundy, rust, mustard and forest green are the predominant shades in this palette, but if they are new to you, you don’t have to jump in head to toe.

Try a pop of colour with a scarf, or a shoe. Or add a knit or blouse that you can layer under a jacket to get used to the colour.

This lovely rich tones also work well with neutrals such a cream, taupe and tan so you could lighten up your look that way.


Every Shade of Pink

Pink is no longer just associated with 4 year old girls birthday parties, there are so many gorgeous, sophisticated shades of pink available for us to play with.

From the subtle blush tones, through to the sophisticated dusky rose colours, and bright bold magenta, there is a shade of pink that will work for every skin toe.

While some of the richer shade do look great with black, pinks best friend is either navy or grey. They complement each other so beautifully and pairing your pink with either of these more subtle colours is a very sophisticated way to inject some pink into your everyday style.

So now you know the colours that are plentiful for winter, here’s some of the gorgeous pieces you can get your hands on from CENTRE PLACE right now.


CENTRE PLACE: Max pink jumper & skirt |Kmart trench coat | Dotti green dress | Postie mustard blouse | Farmers mustard pants | Lovisa mustard earrings | Merchant 1948 rust suede boots | Jacqui E burgundy dress


I hope that helps give you some good ideas where to inject some more colour into your winter wardrobe.

Until Next Time,

Happy Shopping!

Cait xoxo

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