27 May 2020

From Sandy in Grease to James Dean and Billy Idol in just about any video (though I’m partial to Dancing with Myself), the leather jacket has been traditionally seen as a sign of a rebel or a wild child.

Yet fashion these days is all about rebelling against the norm and making your own authentic statement and style, am I right?


What better way to show you can fit in AND stand out in a crowd than by strutting your stuff in such a jacket. I never gently roll into one. I ALWAYS whip it on like I’m going to take on the world. And that’s exactly when I choose to wear mine – it’s almost like a super hero cape to me. I’ll be conquering whatever happens to cross my path…and looking sharp while I’m at it.

We asked Chasing Cait (our resident fashion blogger) to show us how to get a LOT of mileage and style from one simple and sleek jacket. Here is what she suggests and shows us how to look our best and baddest.


Here are some fresh ways to work your jacket (real or faux) into your winter wardrobe:

1 – Layer over a feminine dress to add edge to your look – adding ankle boots (which we know from Cait’s last post) is must have staple.

2 – Wear it on the weekend to “up” your casual outfit – coupling with a statement tee doubles your bold!

3 – A leather jacket makes your workwear a bit more fun – you can rock your look up while nodding to your corporate side. It’s your day, your way.

4 – Play with texture and wear black on black – in Cait’s example, leather and lace…another deep and meaningful combo. It worked for Madonna. Make it work for you.

5 – Use it as a short layer over longer layers to create drama with your outfit – now you can really experiment with patterns and pieces. Kimonos are perfect longer layers over a super casual look to give it a bit more glamour. The jacket just tops the look so you can go from shopping, to drinks and dinner – and stay fashionably warm (no bulk here) the whole time.

Now you don’t have to go full rebel with your jacket. If it’s not for you, there are other styles and colours that may fit you better. The one in the video is from Max (HERE), yet a peek around Centre Place (HERE) will give you options.

AND here’s more inspiration to break out of the norm and mix in a little more wild.


CENTRE PLACE: Max leather biker jacket | Farmers Only faux leather Gemma biker jacket | Jacqui E Lisa leather jacket | Glassons faux leather biker jacket | Just Jeans Gia leather jacket

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