23 November 2016

One of the easiest ways to inject a real sense of uniqueness in to your look is by adding a touch of retro. But how much retro is too much and what styles should you be looking for to ensure that you don't tire of those pieces in a year's time? Easy, here's what to look for to nail the retro-inspired trend:


They are just as stylish now as they were in the 60’s and 70’s.

Think oversized circles and squares in everything from necklaces to sarongs. The best thing about this retro print is that it also falls into the minimalist category which means uber modern and timeless.

FOR HER: a /  Geo print sarong from Max  b/ Geo pendant from Glassons  c/ Geo earrings from Max 

FOR HIM:  d/  Geo jandals from Hallensteins e/ Geo print boxer shorts from Hallensteins


Now is the time to embrace a shorter style of neckwear.

It’s a little bit disco inferno and a lot stylish. We’re talking choker necklaces, skinny neck scarves and lariat necklaces. They are simple, easy to wear (with anything e.g a high or low neckline) and they’re unfussy which gives them staying power.

All necklaces from Glassons


From bohemian festival-inspired bags to woven belts and fedora hats.

Sometimes all you need are textural elements to add more of a retro-vibe to your look and fabrics like suede and leather are classics that won’t ever date. For a modern twist, go for a leather short or skinny pant.

FOR HER: a /  Tassel pendant from Max  b/ Boho bag from Strandbags  c/ Leather mini skirt from Glassons 

FOR HIM: d/  Leather slide from Hannahs e/ Suede Fedora from Hallensteins


For a timeless accent add a long, dangly earring.

To ensure maximum staying-power go for understated and simple styles like a long fine chain earring or geometric metal styles. Tassels, feathers and fabric earrings are another fun and affordable way to indulge in a bit more retro funk.

a / Fine chain earring from Glassons  b/ Feather earring from Farmers  c/ Tassel earring from Glassons  d/ Long earring from Max e/ Large hoop earring from Glassons


Think circular frames and cats-eye styles with chunky frames.

Oversized eyewear is the ultimate nod to a bygone era while still holding its style cred too. Of the retro-inspired styles you’ll never hate, cat’s eye, rounded squares and aviator frames are the way to go.

a / Aviator by Just Jeans  b / Tortoise-shell cats eye from Max  c / Rounded square eye from Max   d /  Round square tortoise-shell from Just Jeans


Choose accessories with a natural or woven element.

Accents made with natural materials and fibres will channel a bohemian feel while also channeling the always trending, clean and simple look.

FOR HER: a /  Street Fedora hat from Max  b /  Woven belt from Just Jeans  c /  Leather wedge from Hannahs 

FOR HIM: d / Woven belt from Hallensteins  e /  Woven hat from Hallensteins