29 August 2016

Defined beauty, what is it and how do you get the look? Simply put, the defined beauty trend is all about enhancing your bone structure and adding definition and shape to your face in a striking yet subtle way with makeup. Your hair too, can play a big part in showcasing the look. Here are a few beauty must-haves and ideas to help you get the look:


In most instances a jet black eye liner pencil is the sharpest way to enhance and clearly define the eye.  Apply to the waterline and lash line for extra definition, or if you find eye liner too intense, use an angled brow brush dipped in brown or black shadow and apply just beneath the lower lash line.


Highlighters come in powder form, sticks, liquid and even pencils. The key is to find one that best suits the way you like to apply it. Apply sparingly at first before building up along the cheekbone, brow bone and jawline. Highlighter adds a subtle glow which results in a more sculpted appearance.


Half the work has been done for you with a contouring palette. Featuring slightly different shades of both light and dark powder, when applied contouring powder can manipulate light and shadow by exaggerating parts of the face (i.e cheekbones are more defined) while downplaying others (i.e. a wide nose is narrowed).


A sweep of bronzer is a great way to give your face all over colour without the hassle especially on a day-to-day basis. Combining colour with shimmer, a bronzer gives an all over glow that when the light hits it will highlight the natural angles of your face.


A nicely shaped and groomed brow helps to frame the whole face and is also key to finishing off the ‘defined’ look. Be sure to use an angled eyebrow brush and gel to fill in and sculpt your brows with ease.


If you’ve achieved steps 1 through 5 then you’ll be wanting to show off your makeup as much as possible, and slicked back, sleek hair is the answer. Heading into spring a simple pony tail or bun is a nice easy up-do or if you prefer your hair out, try wetting it at the roots, then leaving the ends naturally dry and swept back.


Perfect the look with a few ‘secret weapons’:

a/ Eye liner kit from The Body Shop

b/ Brow Kit from Farmers

c/ Frizz-ease from Farmers

d/ Luminous shimmer from The Body Shop

e/ Contour Kit from Farmers

f/ Highlighter from Farmers

g/Liquid liner from The Body Shop