06 November 2020

Well. Hasn’t 2020 been a YEAR! So many events all year round cancelled or downsized, but we are very lucky coming into the end of 2020 that we can now head out and celebrate together! There are so many events going on around the country, so I wanted to give you a bit of a rundown on some of my top trends for what to wear to your end of year events.


From race days and weddings, to Christmas and New Years Eve parties, I’ve got everything covered in this blog, and Centre Place has everything covered too, so make sure you head in to nail your special occasion look! Have a watch of this video to see what I mean…


Here’s a little bit more information on my favourite special occasion trends (and how to make them work for you), plus I’ve put together a wish list of my favourite styles available from Centre Place below.



This is like the cocktail version of “jeans and a nice top”. It can be a classic go-to look for any special occasion coming up. The beauty of this look is that is covers all shapes, sizes, budgets and personal styles. Have fun with print and colour (especially if you’re heading to the races or a wedding) when it comes to picking a dress you love. Stick to shapes that work on YOUR body, and that you feel comfortable in, rather than just what is the latest trend.

When it comes to accessories, use the print or colour of the dress to steer you in the direction of what to choose. Or you can never go wrong with a classic and elegant metallic or neutral shoe/belt/bag combo.

Left to right: Jacqui E Fleur dress | Lovisa red circle disc drop earrings | Portmans Saskia puff sleeve dress | Lovisa deep red acrylic oval top earring | Merchant Isabella Anselmi
Surrey sandal | Mi Piaci Fable sandal | Hannahs Alice Greta leather stiletto heels | Pagani satin hankerchief hem wrap dress



So this is a personal fave of mine. Nothing lifts a look like a bit of sparkle. The beauty of adding sequins or glitter to your special occasion look is that you can choose the level of bling that floats your boat. Start with a sequin clutch, or headpiece if you’re working your way up into the sequin world, or if you’re brave and love a bit of bling like me, go for a full sequin dress or suit! Look for chic black sequin for an elegant nighttime look, or if it’s a fun NYE party you’re heading out to, don’t be scared to go full rainbow!

Sequins are a classic party texture, and there are definitely heaps to choose from in stores at Centre Place.

Left to right: Shine Augustine Sara sequin skirt | Shine Augustine Vegas dress | Lovisa mixed brights sequin hoop earring | Lovisa gold mini sequin hoop earring | Shine Frankie sequin heel | Lovisa red sequin knot headband | Moochi Jewel dress



Gone are the days where ‘special occasion” only means a dress and heels. If you aren’t a dress gal, that’s totally fine! There are heaps of other options that will be perfect for your special occasion and you’ll also feel more comfortable wearing. Separates could include a nice blouse and a skirt, or I do love a culotte or wide-leg pant look for a wedding or race day. You can absolutely accessorise to the nines, headpieces, heels and bags are a must.

Co-ords are also making a comeback. This could either mean a matching suit (blazer and trousers), usually in a bright colour, OR a top and pants / skirt that are the same print, so when you wear them together, they look like a jumpsuit or dress. Genius right?

Left to Right: Jacqui E Sofie tie waist culottes | Dotti Debbie angel sleeve shirt | Merchant Isabella Anselmi Monday heel | Dotti linen blend Lilly halter top & palazzo pant | Portmans Kiera petal sleeve top & Peony Nights A-line sateen skirt | Lovisa golden cluster leaf headband


So now you know what your options are for all those end of year events coming up, and some of my faves from Centre Place you can walk away with right now.

Don’t be scared to really have fun and frock up for your special occasions this year; we deserve it!

Until Next Time,
Happy Shopping
Cait xoxo