25 March 2019

A new season usually brings along a change in the colours we’re seeing. This change of season is no different.

Woman embracing the autumn palette

As the leaves turn gorgeous shades of orange, and red, so do the colour palettes we’re seeing in stores.

This autumn, the traditional ‘autumnal’ colours are definitely on show. Burnt orange, rust, tabacco, deep green, and mustard are just a few of the rich, luxurious colours we’re seeing.

So let’s look at a few ways to work these colours into your existing autumn/winter wardrobe.


1. What colours “suit you”.

Everyone can wear every colour in my book – it’s just how and where you wear it.

For example, if you love a colour like mustard, but you don’t think it looks that great on you add it to your look in a shoe, or a handbag – somewhere that isn’t directly next to your face.


2. With other colours

So we love the new colours, but how do we match them back with what we already own?

Most of the trend colours coming through are quite deep and rich, so will naturally look great with black and navy. So team them back with those colours, or trusty old denim (because denim works with everything remember!)


3. Work them into print

Another great way to integrate some new on-trend colours into your existing everyday wardrobe is to look for these colours in a print.

Florals with a hint of mustard, or a navy and burnt orange stripe won’t look out of place in your wardrobe, but just give a subtle nod to the new season colours too.

So now that we know how to wear these colours with confidence, let’s have a look at some of our favourites from Centre Place.


Autumn colours to try

SHOP THE COLOURS: Pagani skirt | City Chic wrap top| Max dress | Colette by Colette Hayman earrings | Dotti floral dress | | Cotton On pinafore | Merchant 1948 boots | Strandbags handbag


So many beautiful rich colours to add to your wardrobe – it’s time to get excited about Autumn!

Until Next Time,
Happy Shopping
Cait xoxo


Want more one-on-one help working these colours into your wardrobe? Book one of our great Centre Place stylists for a Kiwistyle session now. Click here to see more deets on how to do just that!