29 December 2016

Heading away on holiday can sometimes mean taking a lot of 'stuff' that doesn't always come in handy. Which is why you'll be glad you found these nifty products which are travel-friendly, useful and oh so holiday-friendly.


How do you lug all those extra holiday buys back home? In this handy duffle bag of course! We can also see these coming in handy as spare bags to have tucked away in the car during the year too.


Complete with jumper leads, a tyre pressure gauge, an LED headtorch, a high-vis vest, rain poncho, working gloves and a hardwearing carry case, this is THE kit to have on standby in all your vehicles.

SMARTPHONE ARM BAND from Acquisitions

Time away often means a chance to push play on those New Year’s fitness goals. A smartphone armband is the perfect accessory to have while playing sport or being active as it allows you to get fit and listen to your favourite tunes through your smartphone handsfree.

SPIRALISER from Stevens

For the happy camper or bach-goer, a kitchen gadget that turns fresh veges into delicious pasta-swirls. While this is perfect to keep in the kitchen at home it is also a fun tool to take away and impress your guests with too.

BOOKSEAT from Whitcoulls

Books and holidays go hand-in-hand yet no one likes getting tired hands from holding books. Enter, the bookseat. A practical cushion-like gadget that is specifically designed to hold your book while taking the hassle and strain off your arms. Genius!


This uber stylish chiller has the capacity to hold two freeze packs which allows it to keep those all-important white wine beverages refreshingly cold, right down to the last drop. This is a must-have for outdoor picnics and beach BBQs.

CHIPOLO from Acquisitions

Never lose your precious items again thanks to this time-saving location device. The Chipolo’s small design can be attached to those all-important items that you just can’t bear to lose, like for instance your keys or laptop. If these items were to go missing, you can simply use the Chipolo app to ‘ring’ them thus enabling you to re-locate it.


Who needs a TV or computer when you can turn your smartphone into one. Simply connect your smartphone to the device and be amazed and impressed as your phone’s screen is projected to 8 times the size. Talk about a fun way to enjoy a home video or slideshow!

FEATURING: 1. Foldable duffle bag $49.99 from Whitcoulls 2. Haynes Roadside Rescue Kit $59.99 from Farmers 3.Smart sport phone armband $34.99 from Acquisitions 4. Spiraliser $59.99 from Stevens 5. Bookseat $49.99 from Whitcoulls 6. Trudeau wine chiller $99.99 from Stevens 7. Chipolo $59.99 from Acquisitions 8. Smartphone projector $49.99 from Whitcoulls



Note: Prices and availability of items mentioned may change.  For more information please head in-store.