14 January 2019

As another school year approaches, it’s time to stock up on supplies, get back into routine and get your kids prepared for the year ahead.


Going back to school doesn’t only mean the kids have to get their A into G, but it means parents do too. One minute you’re relaxing on the beach, reminiscing the festivities that came with Christmas and New Year, and the next it’s a whirlwind morning rush getting the kids to school on time for their first day of 2019. Whether your kids are in primary, middle or high school, see our tips below on how to make it as stress-free as possible!

Get yourself a 2019 planner

The best way to keep your family in line (and on the same page) this year is to have a wall planner in a communal place that you can all share. This wall planner marks important academic dates, due dates, sports days, family holidays and everything in between and ensures no one is left out of the loop! Check out this 10/10 wall planner from Typo, it’s as aesthetic as it is practical!



A1 2019 wall calendar and coloured markers from Typo


If their school requires a uniform, make sure it still fits and is in good condition

Random fact – kid’s biggest growth spurts happen in spring. Packing up their uniform over summer for it to only come out again in late January leaves room (or lack of) for a first-day-of-school morning disaster! When checking their uniform, don’t miss the shoes. If their school kicks no longer fit all it takes is an easy trip to the shopping centre to remedy. Hannahs anyone?



Roman sandals, lace-up shoes, Mary Jane shoes, liquid renovating polish, polishing cloth all from Hannahs


Find out what stationery they need for the year

As the kids progress through school, their stationery needs will change. For example, in primary school, you’ll often find yourself purchasing jovis, pencils and A3 project books, whereas high school gets slightly more complex with protractors, pens, rulers, 6 different types of books, 8 “I need these” highlighters and a trusty Casio calculator. Your best bet is to get in touch with the school to see exactly what the kids need. I’d even get in touch with the teacher, as they know exactly what your kids will be using in class (i.e. some stuff on the schools general list will be unnecessary). Once you’ve got the basics, jazz up their stationery with these great finds.



Glitter pink notebook from Whitcoulls, pencil cases from Typo, novelty pens from Typo, book labels from Whitcoulls


Set up a homework station

Sit down with your child and together designate a time and place where they can do their homework each day. It might be a nook in a quiet room or even at the table while you’re making dinner. Whatever the time, try make sure you’re around in case they need help! Try to keep their homework space without clutter, to minimize distractions. You’ll find our staple products below.



Hole punch, floral desk calendar, magazine file striped, sparkle pop multidrawers, study support books all from Whitcoulls


Get into the habit of packing lunches the night before

No one could complain about having one less thing to worry about in the morning. The hours before school starts can be some of the most hectic of the day – waking up, making breakfast, doing hair, brushing teeth, last minute homework checks… the list goes on. It’s great to get the kids lunches packed the night before, so you don’t have to stress about a last minute throw together in the morning. Plus, you’ll be comforted knowing the kids are taking a wholesome lunch to school. Needing to refresh their lunch boxes or water bottles? See below!




Cooler bag, water bottles, food slip all from Typo


Let's make going back to school in 2019 even better.