14 March 2017

Life with a new baby can be exciting and mind boggling especially when you need to leave the house. We've collected a few of our favourite essentials and while we know this isn't everything and that every babies needs are different we think that this is a great place to start.

1. BABY BAG - Skip Hop Downtown Chic baby bag by Farmers

A place for everything and everything in its’ place. It also doesn’t hurt if it looks great too!

2. SUNGLASSES - Wide framed glasses by Max

Perfect for hiding tired eyes but even more-so for outdoor adventures and sunny drives.

3. BIB / BURP CLOTH - by Aden & Anais from Farmers

As a parent you can’t escape spills but you can try to contain them with these.

4. A SPARE CHANGE - These are from Farmers

1-2 changes of fresh clothes help to turn ‘everyday oopsies’ into ‘no big deals’.

5. A FAVOURITE TOY - A very hungry caterpillar toy by Whitcoulls

There is always a favourite thing and hopefully it’s portable and perfect for taking with you.

6. NAPPY RASH OINTMENT - Bepanthen by Life Pharmacy

A quick and handy cure, because you never know when nappy rash will strike.

7. BANDAIDS - Nexcare bandaids by Life Pharmacy

For those stumbling toddlers who are nearly-but-not-quite walking, here’s hoping you don’t have to use them!

8. SUNSCREEN - Nivea sun lotion for Kids by Life Pharmacy

NZ sun at any time of the year is harsh. Protect your little ones with a sweep of this.

9. CHANGE MAT - by Mum 2 Mum from Farmers

Because you never know when or where you’ll suddenly need to do a quick change.

10. BABY SUNHAT - from Farmers

Wear with number 8 and find a hat that fastens well and won’t slide off easily.

11. A COMFORTER - Lamaze baby blankie from Whitcoulls

It could be a favourite blanket or a pacifier but whatever it is, these can sometimes stop a tiny tantrum in its tracks.

12. MUSLINS - Set of 3 from Farmers

Don’t leave home without them. Perfect for spills and handy to use as swaddles too.

13. PACK OF TISSUES - Kleenex 3 pack by Life Pharmacy

Little runny noses are hard to contain at the best of times but these are always handy.

Also useful but not pictured:


Spare nappies, wet wipes and disposable nappy bags