29 November 2017

Everyone likes receiving gifts, and everyone likes food. But some people like food more than others, so these dear people in our life are the perfect recipients of a baking, dining or entertaining-inspired gift for Christmas.

We all know someone that prepares their dinner parties days (or weeks!) in advance and makes by hand every single sauce and dressing in their fridge. These people also tend to have more recipe books than they do clothes, and more cheese platters than vases. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course! These people don’t only throw the best dinner parties, they are also immensely excited by foodie-inspired gifts!


While a dinner voucher to the newest and latest new restaurant in town will never go amiss, why don’t you give them something tangible they’ll enjoy for family meals or their next dinner party? Maybe you’ll nab yourself an invite to eat their delicious cooking too – score!


These pieces are easily found but just a little bit different; here’s hoping that Mr or Ms Foodie hasn’t got one of them already!

The Aromatherapy Company – Therapy Kitchen range from Acquisitions | Eat Up New Zealand book by Al Brown from Whitcoulls and Paper Plus | Tofutree apron and oven mitt from Whitcoulls | Pizza board and cutter and Mad Millie DIY Italian cheese kit from Stevens

Some key stores to find other gifts for foodie you might like...

  • Acquisitions is full of gifts for lovers of fine interior pieces, food-inspired pieces and the like. You’ll find only the prettiest items for your foodie family member or friend here!
  • Don’t forget about Redcurrent this Christmas! Specialising in gorgeous wares for dining, entertainment and beyond, you’re bound to pick up some fantastical foodie finds.
  • Word on the street is that Glassons have just introduced a Home section, with dining elements. We’re sure your foodie won’t have any of these items yet!
  • Full of beautiful crockery and contraptions for the baking and cooking whiz is no other than… Farmers.
  • Stevens is full of bits and pieces for the home – and for the foodie.
  • Don’t forget Typo for out-of-this-world funky food-inspired homewares.