11 December 2018

We all know that for a gift to be special, it doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, the best gifts aren’t determined by their price tag, but rather the amount of thought that went into them.

Gift giving is one of our favourite parts about Christmas, but boy oh boy can it get expensive! Especially when it comes to gathering gift ideas for secret Santa’s, a colleague, someone you don’t know very well, your brother’s 12th girlfriend this year or your second cousin twice removed… oh yeah, I’m sure names are popping up in your mind. Luckily for you, the time and effort you put into finding a gift is usually far more well revived than how much moolah you spend.

We’ve put together an awesome list of budget friendly gifts that we think anyone would love. Put those boring choccys or cheap bubbly away for another day, because these gifts are just a little bit more thoughtful, practical and handy, and on trend, in-store right now.

Tote bag from Glassons $9.99 / Dragonfly earrings from Glassons $9.99 / Pink grapefruit Glasshouse set from The Body Shop $18.50 / CuppaCoffeeCup travel mug from Whitcoulls $16.00 / Bellaberry Milk Chocolate from Whitcoulls $8.99 


Some key stores to find other budget gifts you might like…

  • Typo is our go-to girl on all things cheap, cheerful, and out-of-this-world awesome. Fully of wacky, trendy stationery, homewares and accessories, you’ll surely be able to find a budget-friendly jewel for kids, men and the ladies.
  • When you think “gifts”, Acquisitions surely comes to mind. Packed full of beautiful home items, photo frames and more, you’ll also find nestled amongst the glam and glitter a whole bunch of awesome gifts, such as table tennis and finger fooseball. Perfect!
  • Theobroma Chocolate Lounge isn’t just one of our favourite cafes; it’s also fabulous for a sweet treat for a sweet someone. Create them a bespoke chocolate box which you can take away and wrap up for Christmas.
  • A fragrant and festive bath always makes for a great pick me up! See the Christmas ranges from The Body Shop for scented presents for her.
  • Can’t beat Colette on sparkly affordable accessories! Hey, everyone loves some banging accessories, and so will you when it comes to Secret Santa shopping.
  • 2 Cheap and Lotsa Goodies are also full of great presents!