07 June 2018

It’s the weekend. It’s raining. It’s pouring. It’s really rather boring. But it doesn’t have to be!

Rainy weekends are great for settling in and relaxing – and for making the most of being at home. Whether you want to indulge in some self pampering or get a little artsy, there is no better time than when outside’s weather is torrential!


Get creative! Do you remember being a kid and cutting out pages in magazines to decorate your books or the walls of your bedroom? Newsflash; it’s still fun as an adult! Decorate a plain wall with some sentimental memories or polaroids, or make your own coffee table scrapbook – it could be full of pictures, family recipes, or more! If you want to try your hand at your own canvas art but aren’t so good on the still life mode, get a little Jackson Pollock-esque and have some fun flicking paint around! Zero skill required.

Reeves watercolour paints from Whitcoulls | Faber Castell coloured pencils from Whitcoulls | Grid photoframe from Acquisitions | La de Dah journal with glue pen from Whitcoulls 


When better to sit still, lie back and relax with a hair mask and face mask? And when else is your skin and hair crying out as loud for a bit of pampering? Take an hour and soak all of your worries, stress – and the cold – away. Plus, it’s winter! Time to winter-fy your nail polish look… Or pretend that summer’s right around the corner and brighten up with a summer neon; it’s 5pm somewhere warm and sunny!

Essie winter nail polish in Bordeaux and Without a Stitch from Farmers | OPI neon nail polish in pink and yellow from Life Pharmacy | Goodness skincare face masks from Farmers | Body Yogurt from The Body Shop | Grounded hair mask from Life Pharmacy


Hello nostalgia, meet The Sims. Take a dive into a game of times past and explore all that’s new in the world of The Sims. You can now “bro” chat in Simlish to other Sims, build verandahs and decks, and change your Sims’ appearance down to the very last freckle. Pop your feet up with a laptop on the couch, and you’re bound to be entertained making your Sims woohoo for hours. Hey, it’s always sunny in Sunset Valley. If you’d rather a game less daily-task orientated and you’re more inclined to pick up a controller than a mouse, The Last of Us or Fortnite (PS store) are great adventure games. Plus if you want to revisit your Gameboy days, Nintendo Switch will be your new bestie.

The Sims 4 from EB Games | Nintendo Switch from EB Games | The Last of Us from EB Games | Playstation 4 Pro from EB Games


Contrary to what Instagram would have you believe, there is no rule stating that you can’t eat an entire batch of cookies in one go. One of the very best things about being home on a rainy day is treating yourself to some delicious baking. Hot cookies straight from the oven – if you manage to refrain yourself from eating all of the raw dough! – are such a great way to warm up, dunked in a cup of tea. If you’ve got friends or family you’d love to treat too, pop them in a small jar or tin with a cute ribbon for a wee gift from the heart.

Metallic canister from Farmers | Almost Every Kind of Cookie recipe book from Whitcoulls | Glass jar from Farmers | Star cookie cutters from Stevens


Spend some quality time making your favourite room in the house feel different… Without really doing a thing. Move your bed around to the other side of the room, add a new throw or a fun statement chair and your room will look as good as new. You could change things up by popping your favourite or most-used kitchen utensils in old jam jars on shelves, putting a fresh new planter on your window sill or by colour or season-coordinating your wardrobe. You could even spend your extra home time baking some essential oils in the oven to give your home a lovely long-lasting fragrance!

Tilly@home cushions | Your Home and Garden triangle shelf | Stay at home decor art | Marigold goat fur cushion – all from Farmers

Enjoy your lazy rainy winter weekends – when summer eventually does roll around again and the humidity makes it hard to sleep, we’ll all be wishing for that winter weekend once more!