29 January 2020

Ah, love…I love Valentine’s Day because it’s another excuse to leave a super cute love squiggle for my husband (aka #ProfessorZoom) on his desk, in his lunch, on his laptop, in his sock drawer…everywhere!

Sometimes he keeps them, and sometimes he tells me he memorises them before he lovingly puts them back on my desk for me to keep. It perplexes me. Doesn’t everyone keep every single note they every received from a loved one? Probably why I have a storage unit with a few boxes of sentimental notes from over the years.


A loved-up couple this Valentine's Day


Then I discovered the 5 Love Languages (by Dr. Gary Chapman – click HERE for info) – how people express and experience love. They include words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, and physical touch.

And because I adore quizzes, I took it for me (and #ProfessorZoom) and realised I appreciate words of affirmation, where as he likes receiving gifts. WHAT A BREAKTHROUGH!

So I’m kicking off a series of content around the Love Languages – starting with TOUCH for Valentine’s Day.

Here are my top gift ideas for Valentine’s Day (or any occasion) for someone who’s love language is touch – from the little ones and bearded ones, to the glamorous and eco-conscious ones. Bonus, if YOU want a bit more self care (and don’t you deserve it?!), these gifts are good for you, too. And who doesn’t buy themselves a little something for themselves on V Day?

And if you can’t decide what will touch your Valentine the most? How about a Kiwi Property gift card? You can order them instantly to your email or theirs, and they can be used at over 800 stores across our 6 shopping centres nationwide. Click HERE to purchase – then snuggle up and feel the love!

These gifts are made for people whose love language is touch


Clockwise from top left:  Premium Sleep Eye Mask from Typo, Balenese Skin Care from Cosmetic Clinic, Trilogy Exfoliating Body Balm from Life Pharmacy, Modern Gent’s Shaver Kit from The Body Shop, Gift Voucher (perfect for a massage) from Sisters Beauty, Antipodes Lipstick Ruby Bay Rouge from Life Pharmacy

Middle: Smudge Monkey – Jellycat from Acquisitions

Note: Availability of products featured are subject to change. Please check in store for details.