05 February 2018

February… The month of lust, love, and long summer nights. That’s right, the annual day - and night - of romance is just around the rose coloured corner.


February 14 brings with it new romances, old romances, and, often, expectations. Valentine’s Day is, if you have a significant other, certainly not a day you can let blow past in the wind.

Valentine’s Day has changed over the years, and has become so much more than infatuated men wooing their lady loves with cute candy and bunches of red roses. From personalised cards to jewellery with meaning, gift lists and ideas are almost infinite!

And the way to a man’s heart isn’t always with food. Often, but not always!




We chatted to a few experts* – *some self-professed, typical Kiwi lads – to see what they make out of Valentine’s Day gifts for blokes.

Ken, 47, prefers usable, practical gifts for Valentine’s Day – “nothing that’s going to die,” he exclaims, adding that he has quite a distaste for flowers as gifts.

Usable gifts seem to be trending also for Tim, 29, who acknowledges, “doing something cool together” at the top of his list, closely followed by gifts with “more than one use”.

Multi purpose gifts definitely seem to be the way to go for these lads – so what about a really nice cologne set, some comfy undies or a styley (and practical!) watch?!

If your lad is a bit like Ken or Tim, we reckon he might like these gift ideas below.



  1. Armani Code Profumo from Life Pharmacy | 2. Metro by HOYTS Cinemas gift card | 3. “Mr Right” lap tray for breakfasts or laptops from Acquisitions | 4. Men’s watch in black PVD and brown leather from Michael Hill | 5. Briefs from Farmers




Meanwhile, Chris, 34, is partial to a bit of pampering, and says that the “top of the pops” gift is an evening out with his partner, and the grandparents babysitting his little ones. Chris can’t recall the last time he went to the movies – “possibly two whole years ago” – so a film followed would definitely be the choc top on the ice cream cone.

Craig, 50, agrees, saying the very best thing his wife could give is dedicated time for him. A special dinner is worth more than “any gift,” he says. What a sweetheart!

Cailean, 23, concedes that “just a boyfriend” would be a nice Valentine’s Gift in itself, but if you singletons want to woo this dapper chap, he suggests anything food-related will go down a treat, a good scented candle would set the mood, and he would relish a great novel or book.

A surprising note for the lads’ gifts; a bit of thought goes a long way. Sherwin, 28, would love a gift that takes him by surprise, or one that he doesn’t expect. He adds that one of his best ever presents was not something he specifically wanted.

With this in mind, surely a romantic dinner wouldn’t go amiss?

If your guy is anything like these ones, we reckon you have to take him out to our restaurants for a bite. Try Breakers for mouthwatering steaks, fish and chips, and burgers, The Flying Burrito Brothers for hearty burritos, nachos and summer beers, or Daikoku for a flipping good time.

Or, if you want to settle in for a romantic night, hit up EB Games for a bit of entertainment, and wow him with a special dinner! Here’s a pizza (see what we did there?) heart shaped inspiration for you below…



  1. Capital Kitchen pizza stone set | 2. Prep pizza scissor | 3. Joseph Joseph adjustable rolling pin | 4. Bamboo pizza paddle | 5. Prepare pizza wheel – all from Stevens




And there you have it! Guys are usually quite easily pleased. Give him some delicious food, take him out for a movie, and spend time with him. Your man’s probably a big softie, really!




And gifts for the ladies?

Well, as Nicole, 22, put it, “food and sparkles” would never go amiss. “I just want food,” she says. We can all agree on that one, Nicole! In seriousness though, Nicole admits that a past lover once sent her flowers, which she says was very cute.

Melanija, 50s, says Valentines Day is all about spending time together, and claims her husband never lost the habit of regularly buying her flowers. She says all husbands should take the hint – and not just on Valentine’s Day!

Katie, 23, agrees, and said she would most love a truly thoughtful gesture, such as a handwritten card specially chosen for her, and a special meal cooked at home, with a romantic touch. Katie, being an avid bookworm, says she would also be super touched by a thoughtful book, and always enjoys beautiful smellies!

A million dollars would be a nice present, states Leisje, 47, but said she would settle for a dinner out without the kids – and for hubby to organise the babysitter!

When asked about her perfect Valentine’s Day gifts, Tayla, 23, tells us she has “lots of thoughts on this” and hardly needs much prompting in sharing her list. “Flowers are my favourite presents,” she says, but she ads that she doesn’t fancy chocolate as it is too fattening!

“Dinner together is always special, and I don’t mind a snuggly robe”.

If your lucky lady sounds like one of these lovely ladies, we think she’ll love one of these treats below…



  1. Sweetpea and Jasmine Ecoya candle from Redcurrent | 2. Clinique Happy Heart and Estee Lauder Sensuous Nude perfumes from Life Pharmacy | 3. British Rose body butter and bath foam from The Body Shop | 4. Mars and Venus on a Date (John Gray) and Always (Jennifer Labelle) novels from Whitcoulls | 5. Blush robe from Farmers




Miriam, 35, likes to do things in her way, her time. She really loves the gift of choice and suggests that a gift card or voucher would make her Valentine’s Day this year. You can pick up a Kiwi Property gift card from our customer service desk (your choice of value) – and if your girl is a bit like Miriam, she can pick out her own present, whether it’s a hairdo, makeover, massage, new shoes or anything from our shopping centre! Miriam also loves jewellery and has always appreciated sparkly gifts from her sweetheart.

Aforementioned Tayla says that jewellery might be the “very best thing” you could get your special someone, because they’ll love it just because you picked it for them.

Karlee, 43, knows that jewellery is always a winner.

“Anything sentimental, perhaps with a story behind it that you wouldn’t buy yourself, such as a locket with photos inside or a specially-chosen Pandora charm,” she said, encouraging us to send this article to her husband!

And the beautiful jewellery stores we have know that ladies love jewellery, so we’ve compiled our favourites in silver and in gold for you to consider for your loved one this year.



  1. Lock necklace from Michael Hill | 2. Heart bracelet from Pascoes | 3. Karen Walker love wreath ring from Neil Thomas Showcase Jewellers | 4. Heart earrings from Pascoes | 5. Stolen Girlfriends Club necklace from Neil Thomas Showcase Jewellers



  1. Gold arrow necklace from Michael Hill | 2. Earrings from SPascoes | 3. Karen Walker love wreath ring from Neil Thomas Showcase Jewellers | 4. Gold diamond locket bracelet from Pascoes | 5. Heart necklace from Neil Thomas Showcase Jewellers



Whatever you end up doing for Valentine's Day; whether it's all out or small and special, whether it's lush and lavish or conservative, the most important thing to spend is time. We hope you enjoy every moment with your loved ones this Valentine's Day - and every day! - this year.