The Athlete’s Foot

Athletic shoe manufacturers release thousands of different models of shoes each year? Keeping up to date with the latest technology and understanding the differences between models and brands takes dedication and considerable training. This is what makes The Athlete’s Foot unique.

Every staff member at The Athlete’s Foot is required to undertake extensive training, covering basic foot anatomy and fitting techniques. Our ongoing training program sees that we are continually working to ensure we have the most qualified staff in the industry. Most importantly all staff understand how each shoe fits each individual foot!

No matter whether you are a professional sports person, weekend warrior or self-confessed couch potato, having correctly fitted sports shoes can make a huge difference to your overall comfort, wellbeing and performance. Did you know that poorly fitted shoes can be the cause of foot, leg and back pain? Correctly fitted shoes can reduce the likelihood of injuries, reduce the pain of pre-existing conditions and ensure that you are comfortable from the time you put them on until you take them off.

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