11 April 2024

Yes, that time has rolled around again… School Holiday season is upon us. The kids are already asking what exciting activities you have planned and your head is scrambled for new ideas!

There are some great options at Centre Place to keep kids of all ages occupied. Whether your cooped up at home on a rainy day or you want to get the kids out of the house for a fun activity, these are a few of my favorites…



We’re lucky enough to be blessed with two cinemas at Centre Place. That’s double the movies, double the fun. Going to the cinema with the kids on school break is such an easy win. They’ll be super excited to see their favorite characters on the big screen and you can’t go wrong with tasty popcorn and ice-creams. Be sure to check out some new up and coming movies at Lido and Metro by HOYTS Cinemas such as Kung Fu Panda 4 for the young ones or Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire for the teenagers, plus so much more.

Find tickets and times here for Lido Cinema and here for Metro by HOYS.

Enjoy some time out at the movies Lido Cinema, Metro by HOYTS.

Lilliputt Fun Zone

Lilliputt Fun Zone with the kids is a blast! Hamilton’s favourite family entertainment centre. Come to Centre Place for hours of fun at Lilliput Fun Zone! Providing hours of entertainment with Ice Age mini golf, laser tag, arcade, virtual reality, and escape rooms all under one roof!

Regardless of the weather, it is always a good time to have some fun-friendly competition. With session times running until 9pm on Sunday to Wednesday and 10pm Thursday to Saturday it is easy to choose a time that suits the entire family.

Find holiday Retail Offers here.


Hours of fun with laser tag, arcade games, lilliput, and escape rooms Lilliputt Fun Zone.

Whitcoulls and Paper Plus

Craft Ideas:
When it comes to fun craft ideas, the sky is the limit. You can try making DIY slime, creating colourful friendship bracelets, or even designing your own Bath Bombs with fun decorations.

Board Games:
If you’re looking for games that are both fun and educational, I’d recommend “Battleship” and “Risk” These games involve strategy and critical thinking. For something more fast paced and silly. “Hungry, Hungry Hippos” is always a hit. And of course, classics like “Monopoly” is a timeless favourite which has many new editions like Marvel, Squishmallows & personal fav, Cheaters Edition. Gather everyone around the table, grab some snacks, and let the fun begin.

Hours of fun with games, puzzles, and crafts Whitcoulls, Paper Plus.

Wishing you endless fun and laughter on your school break.