The Privacy Act 1993 (Act) sets out twelve privacy principles (Principles) which establish rules for the collection, storage, security, accuracy, use and disclosure of personal information, as well as an individual’s rights to access, and correct, personal information. Kiwi Property is committed to compliance with the Principles and the Act and to protecting your information.
By providing your personal information to us or using our services, you agree to this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy may change at any time and we will tell you about any changes by posting an updated policy on our website. Any change will apply from the date such policy is posted.

This Privacy Policy is subject to and should be read in conjunction with the Terms and Conditions for this website and any other terms and conditions you agree to when using or signing up to any of our services.

Collection of information
Information will only be collected for a lawful purpose connected with a function or activity carried out by Kiwi Property. The personal information we may collect includes your:
• name, contact details, DOB;
• Facebook public profile page details
• vehicle licence number;
• location and movements in public areas;
• phone conversations with our staff (which may be recorded);
• information from retailers that operate within our centres; and
• your written communications with us.

For statistical purposes, we collect information on website activity (such as the number of users who visit our website, the date and time of visits, the number of pages viewed, navigation patterns, what country and what systems users have used to access the site and, when entering our website from another website, the address of that website) through the use of ‘cookies’. This information on its own does not identify an individual but it does provide us with statistics that can be used to analyse and improve our website.

We may also collect your personal information when you complete a form, engage with our business pages on social media or otherwise make an enquiry via the site. We may also collect your personal information from retailers operating in our centres.

We will use this information only for the purposes that you have authorised. Email marketing will only be sent to your email address if you have given your consent. You may unsubscribe to any email marketing message at any time by following the unsubscribe instructions contained in the message.

Please be aware that when transmitting information over the internet (including via email), you should remember that the internet is not a secure environment, and such information is susceptible to loss, interception or alteration while in transit. We accept no responsibility for any unauthorised access or loss of personal information that is beyond our control.
We use Location Based Services (LBS) to understand traffic patterns in our centres. The location data we capture helps us to understand our assets, such as how long customers stand in line and how they generally move around an area, enhancing operational efficiency and improving user experience. If you would like to find out more about the data we collect through Mobile Location Analytics (MLA), feel free to contact us by emailing You can access your data at

Use of information
Kiwi Property (and any authorised third parties in accordance with this Privacy Policy) may use your personal information for the following reasons:
• to process transactions and administer your account;
• to help us develop, market, improve, manage, administer and facilitate our services and operations and those of our business partners;
• for internal purposes (such as risk management, staff training and billing);
• as part of the investigation and analysis of incidents;
• for us or our commercial partners to notify you of services, special offers, opportunities, products or benefits which are being offered by Kiwi Property or any of our commercial partners or associated organisations; and
• to conduct market research and to promote and market our, or our commercial partners’, products and services.
By providing your email address and/or mobile phone number, you consent to us sending you information connected with the above collection and use purposes via email or text message. We may also send you newsletters or other information we think you may be interested in and which may market and promote our products and services, or the products and services of other parties we think you may be interested in. The messages you receive from us will have instructions for how you can remove yourself from our mailing list.
Some uses of your personal information may involve the transfer of that information outside New Zealand, to be held and used by our related companies and commercial partners.

Storage of information
Kiwi Property will use reasonable endeavours to ensure that all personal information is securely protected against loss, unauthorised access and other misuse. We have a range of physical and technology policies in place to provide a robust security environment. We ensure the on-going adequacy of these measures by regularly reviewing them.

Disclosing information
We may use the information you have provided us to inform our promotional and marketing strategies, as well as for research and profiling purposes including customer demographics, interests and behaviours based on personal information and other information you have provided to us from time to time. You further acknowledge that to the extent permitted by law, we may share any personal information collected with third parties for promotional, marketing, publicity, research and profiling purposes.

We will not disclose your personal information to other people or agencies except where:
• you have authorised such disclosure;
• disclosure is required by our contractors (for the purposes of the services they provide), so that we can complete a transaction on your behalf or provide you with a service that you have requested;
• disclosure is to a law enforcement agency that is entitled to such information under its statutory powers;
• we are required to provide the information by law;
• disclosure is required for safety and security and information assurance purposes;
• disclosure was the purpose of collecting the information;
• disclosure is required to facilitate the sale, disposal, assignment or transfer of Kiwi Property or any of its assets or subsidiaries or related companies;
• disclosure is necessary to market, review or improve our services or facilities or those of our business partners;
• disclosure is necessary for third parties to offer you products and services that may be of interest to you and to optimise the advertisements on our websites;
• it is necessary for a function of Kiwi Property, such as for legal or auditing purposes.

Kiwi Property will take reasonable steps to ensure that personal information held by us is accurate. You have the right at any stage to request us to provide you with access to the personal information we hold about you. We will respond to any request by you to correct personal information held about you as soon as practicable following receipt of such request. All requests of this nature should be directed to in the first instance.

Further information
If you would like further information about our Privacy Policy, please contact
If you would like more information about privacy in general, please refer to the Privacy Commissioner’s website: