06 May 2024

It’s getting cold! And somehow, that’s a surprise to me every year. As it gets dark earlier and the weather turns, I always feel like I need a pick-me-up or two to keep me winter-well. So if you’re as surprised by the arrival of winter as I am, pick up some of my favourite ways of thriving this winter.


Beat the winter blues by staying active. Getting out and about in the evenings at the moment is an absolute pleasure – the air feels crisp and clear and autumn colours are in full swing. But, as winter really rolls in, the temptation of the sofa is real! Incentivise yourself to keep up your exercise routine with some fresh new gear – topping up your favourites with warm and stylish outer layers. Check out your shoes to make sure that they’re still providing the support you need and consider reflective elements or brighter colours to stay visible in fading light. If you really can’t bring yourself to head out, bring the exercise inside with you and head online for indoor walking or cardio sessions – or even some feelgood dancing.


Nothing beats an amazing diet full of all the good stuff to keep your immune system humming. But the reality is often a little different, balancing work, family, friends, exercise and more during days that seem unreasonably short can make getting everything your body needs a challenge. Top up with a daily dose of vitamins and supplements including Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc to help fend off seasonal bugs. Not sure what you’re looking for? Ask the team at Chemist Warehouse for a personalised recommendation and if the flu got you last winter and you’re not keen for a repeat, they can help you out with a flu vaccination at the same time.

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Season change can wreak havoc on our skin. Dashing between cold and blustery outdoor conditions and dry, overheated office environments leave skin struggling to keep up so winter is a great time for a little top to toe pampering and support. Combat dry, flaky skin with nourishing skincare products. Opt for hydrating cleansers, moisturisers and serums packed with ingredients like hyaluronic acid and shea butter. And don’t forget your sunscreen – yes, even in winter.


Then, when you have the canvas right, treat yourself to updated beauty releases in the shades of the season. Glowing, natural looks are back; start with subtle bronzed highlights and finish with luxurious tones neutral tones and soft eyes. I also can’t resist a bold red lip in winter; in contrast with lighter, summery tones, so much of my winter wardrobe looks great with a little added drama.
Don’t forget your hair, take advantage of rainy weekend afternoons or early evenings in to dish up a little TLC for your locks with nourishing haircare products to combat dryness and frizz. For the ultimate VIP treat, head into Vivo for the Balayage Treatment or a fresh colour.

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With these winter health and beauty tips and a trip to Centre Place, you’ll be ready to tackle the season with confidence and style. So, bundle up, brave the cold, and embrace the beauty of winter inside and out!